For as long as I have been alive, before I even thought of picking up a camera, I had things that interest me like the so-called ordinary Joe and Jill out there. Things like when the sun is just at the perfect setting spot on your way home or being in a rural area at night and your light is from all the stars or even better when the moon is full and you feel like playing outside even though its late at night.

Pretty much all that I have stated and others are just those things that warm the cockles of my heart to just be in, experience and all that. Another one of these nature’s fascinations for me has to be mist, the ever elusive gift of nature that I haven’t figured out how to predict, I am sure
science has a way though.

Moving to the time where I am now one with the camera, I found myself in a township west of Centurion one morning and it was one of those misty days, imagine the grin on my face… Thing with mist and I is that I just can't help but enjoy its mystery, what it hides away from us, yes you might have passed this spot tons of times on a normal day but on a misty day, I can't help but wonder if it is how it usually is, even if the boring answer could be yes, I still enjoy my fantasies of it.

When I shoot, I do it to fulfill my spirit really. Yes I know it may sound selfish but to me, art is a healer that heals both the practitioner and the patient, assuming that you as the viewer of my art consider yourself a patient too. Being in Oliven, as its generally called by the residents was one of those moments where I felt like I was in the right place at the right time, having not really gone there much, I was curious to see what I could get of it, and these images represent what I saw, what I got from it.

Lebogang Ditibane is a self - taught photographer based in Pretoria, South Africa