Marius Bester

The smell, the anger, the compassion and emotion you can find on any street corner or open Plain in our country is the motivation behind it all. To ride my bike and see the road and cars come past as I hunt for the next building or next person to capture. To forever immortalise in a frame, forever capture that moment in time and preserve the true history and characters from my own life and experiences, to document as much as possible for the next generation to remember us by. To remember the time and lifestyle we lived. To forever remember looking back to that one day you met that one person on the street that completely changed your life. We all go through life driving in our metal coffins oblivious to what happens around us, only focusing on building a future for ourselves but never embracing the moment we live in. If I could capture one moment in another person’s life that makes mine worth living every day that would be the ultimate dream.