Ilze Wessels

Wants to be a writer one day. But for now her images are the words she cant speak. Ilze started taking photos when she was * years old, her father bought her a film camera that made a distinct buzzing sound, she never stopped and got a second breath of it when her mother gave her a Pentax for her 21st birthday. Basically Ilze loves photography by default and never trained or studied in photography but finds it an interesting science.

Photography has become the language by which people can communicate and we see it happen more and more within our social media platforms – we have two eyes by which we see the world and then the camera shows us the world through one – not only does that make you look a little ‘chubs’ but it also provides us with a distinct and singular point of view of time that is experienced through three eyes and then forever more.

You can contact me about any of my photos by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.